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Lida Mattman's Chicago presentation now on YouTube
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Prof Trevor Marshall
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 Posted: Mon Jan 4th, 2010 03:58



*** OK, enough, already ***

Everybody knows you can produce biofilms in the petrie dish, and that spirochetes can be cultured in a petrie dish. But the human body is an entirely different matter. Until you start focusing on the metagenomic microbiota which is making you ill, you will never be able to recover.

Borrelia is not making you persistently ill, if it is a component, it is a minor component. It may be a trigger, but this is unlikely. People who react badly to a tickbite do so because their immune systems are already compromized. The damage has already been done, although the Borrelia infection will weaken the immune system even further, at least in the region of the wound.

Many other species can take its place. Otherwise everybody would test positive PCR for Borrelia, and they do not. Sure, there are labs with imprecise immunology-testing who claim they can demonstrate Borrelia - but as each year has passed the specificity of antibodies has been shown to be more and more dubious.

The article you need to try and understand is this one:

While I suggest reviewing these videos very carefully:


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