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Nobel Laureate Robert Edwards dies
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Prof Trevor Marshall
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 Posted: Wed Apr 10th, 2013 06:44



I never met Laureate Robert Edwards, but my interest in his work was piqued when this photo was posted on as part of his bio:

Professor Robert Edwards, Lesley Brown, Louise Brown, the world's first "test tube baby" with her son Cameron. Photo taken 12 July 2008.
This photo speaks to me of a better time in Medicine. A time when researchers were allowed to become involved with the results of their work - when they were allowed to engage directly with their study subjects (they aren't even called 'patients' any more).

It reminds me of a photo which was sent to me by Prof Ted Keogh, my team leader during the infertility research I took part in at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital during 1978/1982.

Written on the back of the photo was this message from ted:

(Direct link to my webpage is )

Ted Keogh tragically died (young) nearly 20 years ago. My fellow researchers have either retired or passed away. Yet it seems to me that with the surge of Evidence Based Medicine in the 1980's, medical research lost that key element of feedback. And the key element of actually caring for their fellow human beings. Medicine became a business, not a family of peers working towards a common goal -- finding cures for disease.

The passing of Robert Edwards is a much sadder event for me than the passing of a wonderful, caring, human being. It marks another nail-in-the-coffin slowly asphyxiating the ability of Medical Research to deliver real breakthroughs to the people who need it most, the patients and families who are suffering from the idiopathic (no known cause) diseases...


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