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A visit with Dr Alan Cantwell
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 Posted: Wed May 10th, 2006 15:40



I can only speculate as to why some patients of yours have declined treatment with the MP.

What saddens me is offering the MP to my patients and being declined. They are not interested in changing their lifestyles to get well. Perhaps I am not explaining it well enough...
However, I can tell you why I would turn down a treatment and why I selected the MP.

I've had symptoms of Crohn's for about 26 years.  I've tried many convention treatments. I've been given all of the drugs normally prescribed and I've been on four trials of genetically engineered drugs.  I've tried many alternative treatments - too many to mention here.  My last treatment was with a naturopathic physician. It lasted one year and cost over $5000.  Everything has failed except prednisone.  And even that has become less and less effective over time.

So, I'm very skeptical of ANY treatment. 

What attracted me to the MP was:

1) It appears to be based on good science.  I have a science degree, so I know a little bit about science -  perhaps enough to know when pseudoscience is being used.

2) It fits in with other research I've been reading (ex. studies and theory based on the infection pathogenesis for Crohn's disease and epidemiological studies)

3) My gastroenterologist, who does research at a university here, believes that the tide is turning in Crohn's disease research from the defective immune system pathogenesis to the infection pathogenesis.  The infection pathogenesis was popular when Crohn's disease was first discovered, then died out when a pathogen could not be confirmed.

The only part of the lifestyle change I was concerned about was that which could possibly keep me from working (i.e. the light avoidance).


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 Posted: Thu May 11th, 2006 15:25


Here is a very interesting article that I was reading today.


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 Posted: Sat Jul 1st, 2006 18:58


I started out in '86 with a high fever, and then incredible chronic fatigue for 18 months, and then 7 years of slightly less fatigue, and then seven years of an accommodation to the fatigue which I then took as the normal status quo. However, I couldn't excercize and took many varieties of anti-depressants to deal with what got finally called chronic depression. So, with much belly fat, very poor outlook or enthusiasm to get well, I recently got the worst news: infiltrating lobular breast cancer...Now, serendipidously, I had met a MP participant, just a month before the b.c. diagnosis. I was very interested in trying the protocol. But now I am going to have surgery, radiation (I presume) and probably chemotherapy...and have read a book about nurtition in fighting cancer. It promotes the use of fish oils that are against the I am not sure how MP can be used in this situation...What does Dr. Cantwell say about all of this? Or Trevor Marshall...

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 Posted: Sun Jul 2nd, 2006 12:10


Hello, cfidstobreastcancer, and welcome to the Marshall Protocol website!

I'm so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis!  There are many links to read, but the one reference of immediate importance for you is this-- CANCER
and Th1 inflammation

I also heard recently where someone had a double mastectomy, but later learned that she had sarcoidosis in her chest wall!  :(  This is your life; so the more knowledge you gain, the more you will be able to make educated decisions about your health.

The "staining" aspect by the pathologist is of the utmost importance, as both Dr. Marshall and Dr. Cantwell have discussed, so I would suggest you share that significant detail from the forum with your physician.  Then both of you may decide together about what your next steps should be.

After studying the science behind the Marshall Protocol, you will deduce that consuming Vitamin D is not in your best interest now or in the future if Th1 inflammation is present.  Please refer to the following:
SARCOIDOSIS  re Overview, treatment, diagnosis, symptoms, remission, PFTs, staging system, ACE, etiology, standard treatments


Checklist for MP basic links

The Essential Information is in ABOUT THE MARSHALL PROTOCOL and all links alphabetised in the ABC of MP 

Best wishes as you face your current situation!  Please keep us posted, as our thoughts are with you! . . . Carole  

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