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Jacks' Incredible LAX2006 Conference Photo Album
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 Posted: Tue Jul 11th, 2006 01:08


Bookdad, it's an illusion...all smoke and mirrors. I know it appears we all had an instant healing at the conference....but truth be told, had you been there, you would've seen just how 'dark' it really was. I used MP-friendly lighting to make it work for all. So please hold off on any spanking!:P


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 Posted: Tue Jul 11th, 2006 05:38


Wow, No way I could tell it was low level light!! you are a genius! No where are my DVD's!!!! LOL!!!

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 Posted: Tue Jul 11th, 2006 23:14


Considering the lighting, I personally was very impressed with the pictures. If it’s possible I would also second the request to see if names could be placed with the pics. 

Great job.

Good health to all.


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 Posted: Fri Jul 14th, 2006 15:49


Many thanks to all involved.  Your efforts are priceless to those not able to attend. I too was surprised to see lack of Noirs and hats. Can't wait for that day to come!

Any way of arranging the rest of the world with 30 lux?

It was so nice to SEE my MP Family.    Fondly, Lori

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