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Recently there has been a lot of talk about Valsartan, apparently generated so as to cause confusion amongst our members.

Olmesartan is the only drug which will induce recovery from chronic disease.

The only reason I have ever talked about Valsartan is for organ protection for those people who want to stop using the Marshall Protocol altogether. There is a period of weaning from Olmesartan during which your organs are exposed to damage from the inflammatory cytokines. Valsartan may offer some protection during this short weaning period.

Valsartan does not induce recovery, it is not a VDR agonist. I am not making this statement based just on an in-silico understanding of Valsartan's actions. I personally took Valsartan for 3 years, 1999-2002, and although I felt better, my health continued to go downhill. By the time Olmesartan was released, in 2002, I could no longer hear voices in a room.

Valsartan makes you feel better (for a year or two), while the disease process continues to ravage your body. It is therefore a dangerous drug for people with chronic disease to use. Olmesartan induces recovery, while also offering every palliation that Valsartan offers, and additional palliation pathways as well.

If you know anybody who is confused on this issue, please direct them to this post. If you know anybody who is spreading the vicious rumor that Valsartan in an alternative to Olmesartan, please let myself or a moderator know immediately, so that we can 'have a chat' with them.


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I have used a topical mixture of valsartan and hand lotion to try to slow down the immune system working over exuberantly on my toes and forward part of foot that had previously responded to a mixture of olmesartan and hand lotion by going ballistic.  The itching a couple of times per week that had been triggered by the repeated application of olmesartan was unbearable, requiring application of Benadryl cream to keep from scratching the skin to a bloody mess.  The frequent itching had been going on for months.

I reasoned that if valsartan was being used to slow the immune system to help people get off the MP, it should slow the itching that I was experiencing.  The result?  Nothing!  The degree and frequency of itching continued as before.  I kept up the Valsartan cream (at double the concentration used for the olmesartan cream) for a couple of months.  And then nothing applied for many months since, and only recently has the itching finally reduced.

I have continued to use the olmesartan lotion for eliminating moles and warts very successfully.  And the important point that relates to this topic, is that the effects of olmesartan on the skin is perfectly obvious to any who look.  The area of application becomes red and itchy.  If the area can take a bit of scratching, then in a month or 3 from the start, the mole or wart shrinks, dries up, or gradually ablates off.  I can't think of anything more graphic of the effects on the immune system than that.

I hope this is sufficiently on topic.  If not, Dr. Marshall, you can delete this post.


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Hi Cynthia,

Are you willing to share with us the composition of your the olmesartan lotion for eliminating moles and warts or do you have a patent pending on that lotion;).

Thanks Gerard


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I was wondering the same thing.  :)

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The topical Olmesartan threads are for members only, after you login you can read them at:



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Very helpful. Thank you! :D

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olmesartan good news i hopes

Drug maker Ranbaxy Laboratories on Tuesday said the company and parent firm Daiichi Sankyo, are expanding their business in Mexico. As part of the plan, the two companies will launch Daiichi Sankyo's Olmesartan Medoxomil, used to treat high blood pressure, in Mexico before the end of 2011.

Another market to sell olmesartan.

marion villa
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good!!!! good!!!!!!!!

to buy sankyo benicar here is expensive, and we are 3 people taking lots here.


thanks for that info

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