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miRNA abnormalities in rats exposed to WiFi
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 Posted: Thu Apr 9th, 2015 14:49



Thanks Lorenzo, very interesting and dovetails with the above youtube conference video. Experimentation, it seems to me, is especially tricky when dealing with bacteria as they can lurk undetected. In this critically important paper that you include, for instance:
The latter however was able to regenerate the original my- coplasma when incubated with a mycoplasma negative culture of human lymphocytes within 2 to 3 weeks.
The question that stands out in my mind is how was it reliably determined that the culture was truly mycoplasma negative? I am not saying that the paper is vulnerable to such contamination questions as no doubt such scrutiny of the paper, and even greater, has been subjected already. Still, I would be interested if the paper has passed Dr. Marshall’s close inspection, especially because of the implications of this investigation.

Lyme joints, RF shielding needed, MP start 8/10; 25D <4ng/ml 8/20; vegetarian; olmesartan, Ivermectin(0.2mg/Kg every other day). My Progress:
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 Posted: Thu Apr 9th, 2015 20:38



You can see Luc Montagnier's own presentation of his discoveries at our YouTube channel:

He has progressed quite a lot in the intervening years since this paper was written.

We need to understand that he is talking about replicating a short length of DNA, not the full organism. It is not clear whether the patterns from a full organism, even a simple bacterium, would be too complex to process. I suspect so.

As for passing my inspection, I respect the competence and honesty of the scientists doing this work, and I point out the reductionist simplicity of their experimental work. I very much doubt this knowledge will be directly applicable to treatment of disease during this decade.


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