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An article on Vaping came out this morning which ties together several research topics. It can be found at:

There are several things worth discussing.

The first is that there is confusion between inflammation and immune suppression. I think this is because the researchers did not use a good overall marker for inflammatory activity.

The second is that the topic of immune system suppression seems to be one they want to avoid as much as possible, even though it is the central theme of the article (susceptibility to non-healing wounds).

Seperately, I find it interesting that the immune system is also suppressed by electromagnetic sources, as our recent paper described. It would be foolish to assume that the effects are not additive, cumulative and physically addictive.

Your thoughts/ experience?


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CNN reports vaping is increasingly banned because it is more addictive than cigarette tobacco


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Try this link:)

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thank you Hartley :)  a link that works!


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I quit vaping (6-8ml/day of 3mg nicotine) 4 weeks ago cold turkey due to high blood pressure (160/120) and anxiety. After 2 days my blood pressure was down to 120/80. I was feeling great and was ready to enjoy my new life. After 2 weeks of cessation, IP ramped up and went through the roof. I assumed it was due to the nicotine cessation. Whatever it was connected to vaping, it was very immunosuppressive.

I had been vaping for the past 2 years or so. I wasn't on the MP during this time. Symptoms started to reappear. I recently got my olmesartan script and am starting back up.

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