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Cells communicate using waves
 Moderated by: Prof Trevor Marshall

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Prof Trevor Marshall
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 Posted: Tue Oct 24th, 2017 09:41




Even though I give other scientists such a rough time for having little or no creativity/imagination, from time to time a really brilliant breakthrough pops up. This one from Daniel Fels, University of Basel, in Switzerland (Basel is a wonderfully historic city, I spent several months there.)

This study confirms what we have been experimentally observing in humans - that biological systems are affected by electromagnetic (radio) waves at tiny magnitudes, smaller than we can easily measure with current technologies. Please read it, and let's discuss the implications...

"The significance of this study is the support of the assumption that the non-avoidable endogenous generation of electromagnetic fields plays an active role in cell dynamics. This supports the basic hypothesis that the endogenous fields of the cell feedback on cell components some of which having generated these fields. The work is, in addition, mutually supportive to giving credit to works on electrostatic or electromagnetic induction on cell processes being exogenous or endogenous"

"we cannot exclude the possibility that life’s inner organization is also driven by rules intrinsic to electromagnetic fields interacting with matter and life"

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 Posted: Tue Oct 24th, 2017 16:05



If the interaction was some quantum entanglement, the graphite would not have successfully blocked the coupling of the two populations growth rates. So some frequency of RF is involved. I think the experimenter has narrowed the communication media to that.

It is staggering to me that the extreme low signal power levels of RF signals generated by the high density population could be biologically detectable by the low density population. Yet, there are the results.

It would seem that the receiving protozoa must have some special receiving tech that matches or betters anything we have.

Still, it is not a complex message being sent, more of a scalar protozoa density signal. It would be handy for the immune system to interpret though.

So much more for the experimenter to explore to be able to help us.

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 Posted: Fri Dec 6th, 2019 04:40




Maybe this is how the body regulates IP - with Terahertz Anesthetic Waves?

Anesthetic Alterations of Collective Terahertz Oscillations in Tubulin Correlate with Clinical Potency: Implications for Anesthetic Action and Post-Operative Cognitive Dysfunction

Anesthetic action is also related to an anesthetic’s hydrophobicity, permanent dipole, and polarizability, and is accepted to occur in lipid-like, non-polar regions within brain proteins. Generally the protein target for anesthetics is assumed to be neuronal membrane receptors and ion channels, however new evidence points to critical effects on intra-neuronal microtubules,
the microtubule cytoskeleton inside neurons remains overlooked
It has been previously hypothesized that anesthetics can alter resonance in π-electron cloud oscillations among highly polarizable non-polar amino acids in tubulin46.

Overall, dipoles can be induced within these electron clouds by nearby charges, dipoles, or other polarizable structures. When in proper orientation π-resonance structures (exemplified in simplest form by benzene) attract each other by van der Waals-type London dispersion forces, which then couple and oscillate.

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