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The last decade has shown us how little we really know about Biology, and especially how little we know about the brain. Electrical communication between molecules, and between cells, has been identified, but has been hard to study because of the low energy levels involved. Life itself has evolved to operate in a temperature and energy region tightly controlled around 34 degrees centigrade (307 degrees Kelvin) - very low electromagnetic energy levels indeed.

Thus the discovery that species of bacteria produce tiny, electrically conductive 'threads' (filaments), is an important step forward in trying to understand the electrical and radio communication between living cells. New data has just been published which widens the field considerably. You can find a summary of it here, in Science Magazine:


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If bacteria have these, what about human cells, right?


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Exactly, Joyful! Fascinating article - thanks for posting, Trevor! It's amazing to me that there are ANY treatments that help some of us even a little bit considering how very little we actually KNOW about how the body, and the bodies of all the other organisms (most of which will never be found/identified), friendly and hostile, that live within/on our bodies!


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