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Vitamin D is a steroid
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 Posted: Sun Oct 29th, 2006 07:23


So what has happened to this theory these past decades?Thank goodness for Trevor's research:)

"Then in 1932, the elucidation of vitamin D's chemical structure revealed that this vitamin was in fact a steroid."

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 Posted: Sun Oct 29th, 2006 07:42


As I understand it, the final decision if vit. D is actually a steroid, has only been reached not so long ago. I remember Trevor stating that somewhere.

BTW  here is a tinyurl link to the article you mention:


Sincerely, Frans

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 Posted: Mon Oct 30th, 2006 06:53


I have spoken with Tony Norman several times, and he has read Karolinska, and the other main papers I have sent him.

Nevertheless, Tony remains fixated on the VDR and DBP, probably because he lacks the clinical data showing widespread systemic effects, and therefore he has not considered that other receptors may be activated by the Vitamins D. In particular, he has no concept that the Glucocorticoid receptor and the Thyroid receptors might form part of this "rapid response" fixation of his research, or, more likely, that some yet-to-be-identified GPCRs are involved.

Looking for the answers in PubMed is a pretty futile exercise, unfortunately. For me to investigate a new receptor or ligand combination requires a walk down the hallway to the computer holding my molecular data, and a few hours of CPU time. For conventional researchers it involves writing grant proposals, endless meetings, persuading a post-Doc to do the actual work, and about 3 years of study...

It is nice that he is really starting to push the "steroid" nomenclature, however. Thanks for the link...

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